Joyce Albert: Bringing Knowledge & Guidance to United Properties

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When searching for a Branch Manager for our Metairie office, we looked for an experienced leader that could guide our agents and serve as a supportive backbone for the team. We were beyond pleased to discover that Joyce Albert not only possessed these qualities, but she also had a vision for this new space and what we could accomplish. 

Before joining the United Properties team, Joyce was the sponsoring broker for another large real estate company in the area. Joyce learned we were searching for a Branch Manager and loved the Berkshire Hathaway name and everything it stood for. We both felt she would be a great fit for the position and a major asset for the office. 

Joyce perfectly embodies the culture we foster and promote. She finds great joy in helping agents of all different backgrounds and experience levels. New agents need encouragement when they begin in this industry, and Joyce is excited to provide the guidance required for success.

“We’re here to help our agents grow. As they grow they can better serve their clients, and the whole thing is about serving the community,” Joyce says. 

Call 225.615.8055 or email to learn more about joining our team!