It's Simple:

Our mission is to be the best-recognized and most highly respected homeownership services brand in Louisiana. We intend to continue to earn every bit of that respect by having the best agents, more market data and the Berkshire Hathaway name behind us to better serve our customers.

Since United Properties began, our philosophy has centered around creating the ultimate platform for agents to succeed. Unlike other brokerages signing agents solely for the company’s benefit, we put our agents on a pedestal and refuse to treat them as just another number. At United Properties, we want to consistently invest in agents and always give our time and effort to support them. Through our resources and coaching, we hope to give people a structure that benefits them. We want long-lasting successful relationships, not just clients, customers and agents.                     

Chase Muller | Co-Owner

Since starting his real estate career in 2005, Chase Muller has worked extremely hard to help hundreds of Louisiana residents purchase homes, complete appraisals and ultimately live their dreams. Through his involvement with United Properties, Chase continues to work on providing better opportunities for agents and clients.

Chase is deeply passionate about community growth, and his interests are evident in the consistent support he gives to local schools and organizations. He frequently volunteers with the Ardent Foundation, a local non-profit helping families of the NICU and those suffering from infant loss. In addition to his charitable aid, Chase is also a member of the Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce.

Our Culture:

An impactful, positive culture is absolutely critical to United Properties’ success. We established an atmosphere that makes the brokerage feel like one big team and family working to accomplish the same goal. In this environment, we strive to build relationships that allow us to motivate and encourage our team and clients on a daily basis. We don't want to be another real estate company. Our goal is to be the premier real estate service for agents and clients.

Jonathan Starns | Broker & Co-Owner

Jonathan Starns, a lifelong resident of Louisiana living in Baton Rouge, has built an extremely successful career in the real estate and developing industry through exceptional customer care and a pro-active business style. His passion and creative energy accelerate his skills in getting the deal done. Jonathan has earned a reputation of being a tireless worker, a strong negotiator and a fearless representative. His background enables him to easily integrate clients into a social network with the community while providing the best possible representation in all areas of the real estate industry. 

In the community, Jonathan enjoys being a local activist and supporter. He is involved heavily in his faith, and enjoys helping others reach their highest potential. He spends an abundance of time in community involvement and supporting local events, schools and charitable events. Personally, Jonathan is married with two children. 

“I think you want to join a company that’s going to be around forever. Berkshire Hathaway is built to be forever, it’s true of all our businesses that we own. You want to be part of an organization that’s not looking to sell out next week or next month or next year or where the place will crumble when the founders leave. In terms of permanence, we can't be beat. Not only can we not be topped by anyone, we can't be matched by anyone.”

Mr. Warren Buffett


The broad array of tools and resources offered by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices pairs with  United Properties’ support, culture and atmosphere for a plethora of agent benefits.

  • Accessible Brokers & Staff

  • Non-Competing Staff and Management for Support

  • High Online & Social Presence

  • Lead Generation & Disbursement

  • Multiple Office Locations       

  • Hands-on Training

  • No Fees! No tech, sign, lockbox, desk, or copy fees.

  • Several Coaching Platforms 

  • Culture and Reputation of Success and Professionalism

  • Agent Masterminding Sessions

  • Strong Commercial Division

  • Community & Charitable Involvements

  • Office and Agent Promotion / Marketing / Branding

Are You a New Real Estate Agent?

Since launching in 2012, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices became the fastest growing real estate company in the nation. It’s no surprise to us – we hear time and time again that the transition to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices was not only easy, but easily the best decision both brokerages and agents have made for their organization and personal brands. Whether you’re joining our team as a real estate veteran or a brand new agent, United Properties provides an encouraging environment with all the resources needed for sustainable success.

For new agents, we do everything in our power to assist you with your career. From day one,  we provide you with a detailed, step-by-step game plan and layout for a great start in the world of real estate. We’ve created a seamless process enabling agents to hit the ground running. From teaching basic organizational skills to in-depth tutorials on our tools and resources, we aim to get new agents in the right mindset for accomplishing amazing things in their new career.

Rhett Sandusky: Agent Joins BHHS United Properties for Broker Support & Agent Development


After experiencing United Properties' unmatched broker support, inspirational culture and dedication to agent development, Rhett Sandusky committed to taking his career to new heights.

Kay Landry: Agent Joins Baton Rouge Team for Broker Support


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Shaun McCarthy: Bringing Energy and Passion to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices United Properties


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Sandy Duet: New Orleans Agent Joins BHHHS United Properties for Better Results and Communication


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Lisa Carline chose BHHS United Properties

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