We built our commercial division to bridge a gap in the market. Our agents have all the tools and resources they need to guide their clients and the commitment to real relationships that is often lacking in commercial real estate deals.


Our Approach

Be proactive agents that emphasize relationships and guiding clients from beginning to end


Our Goal

Use our expertise and knowledge to find properties that fit our clients perfectly


Our Team

A wide mix of experienced agents with specialized niches

Getting The Right Deal Done

“Everything we do is relationship-based. It’s about providing value to our customers and clients. But ultimately at the end of the day, it’s the client relationship that is important to us.”

Jonathan Starns


“United Properties just felt like the place for me - the technology and everything is second to none.”

Steve Greer

Commercial Agent

“United Properties has the tools that we need. So, that gives us a tremendous advantage to help our clients.”

Phil Foster

Commercial Agent

“Every single commercial agent in our office has a niche they’re into, and they are willing to share.”

Jarrod Brown

Commercial Agent