5 Ways to Increase Your Daily Productivity as an Agent

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Being a real estate agent is far from an easy job. A successful career in this field requires focus, patience and the ability to limit the daily distractions we all face. However, it’s no secret that we’re all experiencing a wild year with new challenges seeming to pop up everyday. 

The regular industry challenges we’ve always faced are still here, but they’ve now been intensified with the obstacles surrounding COVID-19.  As the country continues to reopen, we have no choice but to return our focus to business and do our best to limit outside distractions. 

We’ve compiled some tips to increase your daily productivity so you can head into this summer with attainable goals and a clear mind.

  1. Create a Daily Schedule & Stick to It

For agents, schedules are your lifeline. Listings, clients, pipelines – they all stem from your actions on a daily basis. So, if you don’t have a set list of things to work on and accomplish when you wake up, how can you make the progress you want? 

Schedules should be designed for your benefit. Whether you’re more productive in the morning or evening, you can push yourself further by working in a structure built to help you. Also, by blocking out certain time frames you can effectively limit time-wasting activities. All it takes is some self-discipline. 

2. Establish Priorities

You can’t be afraid to say “no.” As a realtor, you’re under constant pressure to meet new people and attend events. These outings are beneficial in moderation, but overextending yourself leads to wasted time and minimal results. Time is every agent’s most valuable asset and setting priorities can put things in perspective for you. 

3. Make Clear Goals

What are you actually moving toward? You may be working nonstop, but you can look up and realize you’re not closer to where you want to be. Make your goals as defined as absolutely possible. With your goals outlined, your actions and work can follow in a more logical manner. 

4. Stay Focused on Yourself 

In today’s world it’s extremely easy to lose sight of yourself by focusing on others. Social media is an invaluable tool for the real estate industry, but it also serves as a never-ending highlight reel of other agents’ successes that can lead you to unfairly comparing yourself to them. Sometimes putting your phone away is the best thing you can do. 

5. Take Breaks

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but small breaks are vital to keeping up your productivity. It’s easy to burn out if you never slow down and take a breath. Agents are encouraged to work nonstop, but taking the time to disconnect throughout the day can have a big impact.