Effective Prospecting: Understanding the Mutual Value Proposition

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Berkshire-Hathaway-United Properties

In the real estate world, prospecting is essential to a long-term, successful career. When done effectively, prospecting leads to a never-ending supply of opportunities to grow and expand a business. 

At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices United Properties, we understand there is no substitute for well-structured prospecting plans. To ensure our agents are equipped with the proper knowledge and skills, we provide intensive training that examines detailed information and helpful practices. This information goes into great detail about how to start, what to communicate and when to reach out to prospects.

At its core, prospecting is just talking to people. There’s no replacement for consistently reaching out and communicating with people. Great prospectors understand these opportunities constantly surround them, but you have to be proactive and take advantage of these situations. You never know until you start talking. A normal everyday encounter can easily lead to discussions and chances for beneficial relationships. 

There is a right and a wrong way to prospect. If an agent is constantly cold calling prospects and never really offering them anything in return, that’s not an efficient use of time. 

Prospecting revolves around a value proposition. The best agents understand they have to give and provide prospects value in return. The relationship should never be one-sided. 

It’s called prospecting, but it’s really just communicating with and growing a network of people. The ultimate goal is building a self-sustaining pipeline with sales naturally growing as a result of maintaining contacts and forming new relationships.